Five Pakistani Actors Who Need to Stop Playing Similar Roles.
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The Pakistani Actors need to keep trying so that their graph of work grows. It also challenges them to challenge themselves as players because that motivates them and pushes them to do better.

Most Pakistani dramas seem monotonous

Most Pakistani dramas seem boring. When dramas are boring, so are the characters. That’s why from time to time, you will feel if a certain character was already playing a role they are acting for now. Well, when the story is different, what will Pakistani actors be like? Instead of complaining about the story, let’s talk about Pakistani actors who are always boring when choosing characters.

1. Feroze Khan

Along with Sajal Aly, Feroze starred in Gul e Rana. Automatically do not care about the consequences when you fall in love. It captures the girl he wants to marry. He played the main lead in Khaani. In it, he falls in love with a girl who his brother murdered. The rich mind that the character had he wanted the girl to choose had him. And then again, in Ishqiya, her girlfriend did not dare to expose him to her parents. He married her sister to take revenge.

Five Pakistani Actors

2. Minal Khan

Dramas as Ki Jana Main Kaun , Parchayee, Dil Nawaz, Qismat, Hasad are Minal Khan’s serials. And it all includes a girl who is forced by luck and destiny, a girl who always cries for her life.

Pakistani Actors

3. Pakistani Actor Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed’s most famous partner on-screen is Hira Mani. he has done two dramas with her, and one is right around the corner. In all the dramas, he seems to fall in love with democracy with a girl. His latest comedy, Shehnai, seemed a little different at first. But, now, the same trail follows.

4. Hania Aamir

Have you seen Hania Aamir’s Dil Ruba, Ishqiya, Anaa, or Phir Wohi Mohabbat? Yes, if you want to see how Hania works when she takes on an automatic role, chulbuli, and stays happy, you need to watch only one of these dramas.

5. Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah has played in many games in a very short time. However, in every game, she has revealed what society expects of a perfect black girl. She’s a black girl aunt who might want to make her their bahu.

So get out of your comfort zone, people! Pakistani actors have a lot of talent, that’s clear. If you think about how Ahsan Khan can play various roles while living in this field, others can do the same.

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