Bikhray Moti, a story of one girl who sacrifices her whole life for three children.

Aiza alongside Shehzaadi went to the house where she works with the goal that she can disclose to them that Shehzaadi will never again be working for them. Finally Aiza has protected Shezaadi from work and she needs her to continue her studies but her selfish Dadi grabs her book and burns it.

Dadi is stuck because she has lost her cash which she has taken for Shehzaadi’s marriage. It is Janu’s evil Chachi who has stolen cash from her, Dadi attempts to fault Aiza but shockingly Zulfi is standing with Aiza’s side.

Janu’s hopelessness is so awful. Janu when gets away from the escape of that child abuser, he falls into another difficulty the transgender needs him to join his community and demanding him to remain with him but Janu escapes from that point also but then helpless kid again gets caught into that child abuser who attempts to scares him that he won’t express any word against him to his uncle else he will murder him.

Janu has left with no option but to agree with him. Janu’s Taya beats him so badly. On the other hand, Dadi is prepared to marry Shehzaadi with that aged man because she has lost the cash.

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