Meher Posh, the story has taken an extreme turn.

Shah Jahan’s mom shockingly goes to Mehru’s home and discloses to her mom that she will do a ceremony as Shah Jahan is demanding her to proceed to put the ring on his bride to be finger which he himself has purchased for her.

Mehru’s mom joyfully allows Shah Jahan’s mom to do the engagement ceremony, Mehru is expecting that her to put the ring in her finger yet her reality flips around when Shah Jahan’s mom put the ring in Ayat’s finger rather than her. She feels so sad and cheated.

When Mehru asks Shah Jahan for what valid reason he has played with her heart? He also got shocked. He expressed his anger and told his mom that she has done all that intentionally as she knew that he loves Mehru and needs to wed her but she hates her to such an extent that she eagerly chosen Ayat over her. He tells his mom to sort this else she won’t see him alive.

Mehru is telling her situations to Shah Jahan on the phone when Mehru’s mom hears everything also she hears that Shah Jahan revealing to her that they will do court marriage.

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