Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, a story filled up with selfish dreams.

After Shafaq’s demand Ulfat was very shocked and upset but when Shafaq is attempting to explain Ulfaat about her interest and her purity of heart by saying that she communicates what she feels as she is straight forward. Shafaq is doing her moves smartly.

Shafaq has found out Ulfaat’s deep burning to get rich and now she is attempting to cash it, by disclosing to her that she can give her anything if she will give her Shahaan.

Ulfaat shares this proposal of Shafaq with her jealous companion, she knows that she is definitely not a true sort of friend she is even jealous with her and wants to ruin her married life yet at the same time she discloses to her the entire story and her friend as instead to valuing her for being correct, is attempting to burn her desire to get rich by saying that Shafaq’s offer is not that bad.

when at night time Ulfaat opens that gift box that Shafaq’s gifts her it has her most loved costly precious diamond set, her eyes got surprised with the sparkle of precious  diamond and it appears that her love for Shahaan will get reduce in the shine of these jewels.

Ulfat called Shafaq and thanking her for the gift and ask her to meet, this clearly means that Ulfaat has no issue with Shafaq’s demand.

Also Shafaq promotes Shahaan making him the happiest individual and he is now more thankful to Shafaq.

There are a lot more twists to come how Ulfat will tell Shahaan about Shafaq’s demand and will Shahaan easily accept the demand of Shafaq.

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