Source: Kung fu promo
Source: Kung fu promo

Kung Fu Hustle, a movie loved by many worldwide. The comedy, the action scenes, the depth of the story, everything that makes a great movie to watch. But the thing that sets this movie apart from any Jackie Chan flick, was probably the cartoon physics employed in it. That’s probably something that most viewers experienced for the first time. It was a new concept. It was exciting to watch, and it was refreshing to see something unique, amongst the sea of normality.

Recently, the film’s director and producer, Stephen Chow, has announced a sequel to the film. The name obviously being, “Kung Hustle 2”. There’s a lot of anticipation for the release, and many would like to see it at the cinemas, asap. However, Chow says that the fans will have to wait. He’s currently working on another project, that’s coincidentally a sequel to another one of his successful projects, “Mermaid”.

The original “Kung Fu Hustle” was released in the year 2004. That makes it more a decade, to the sequel. But better late than ever, eh? The director says that he won’t be starring in the sequel, but he will make a cameo. But even with that in mind, it’s still Kung Fu Hustle, it’s still directed by Stephen Chow, and it’s still bound be awesome.

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