Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon on left and Bill Gates - CEO of Microsoft on right
Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon on left and Bill Gates - CEO of Microsoft on right

The richest man in the world. Imagine that. Of all the people that are rich in the world, you’re the one that’s the richest. Imagine how you’d use the money. Imagine how you’d get there in the first place. Imagine everyone knows that you’re the richest. Imagine how that’d feel. Friends and family constantly asking you for money, startups and businesses pitching ideas to you for investment, students begging you for scholarships, you’d feel probably like the biggest person in the world. Perhaps, also sad that many people, only care about your money.

Well if there are two people who’ve actually experienced all that, it’s Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Two of the biggest tech giants the world has ever seen. Gates is the founder, former CEO, and currently one of the main stakeholders at Microsoft. Bezos is the founder, chairmain, president, and CEO, of Amazon. Both of these people have had their ups and downs. But Gates retained the title of “Richest man” from the year 2000 to 2007, then in 2009, and finally from 2014 to 2017. This is when Bezos took the spot consecutively for 2018 to 2019. But due to a recent decision of Pentagon, to award Microsoft  their Cloud Computing project, stocks went up way higher. This, in turn, resulted in Gates taking over Bezos once again, in the amount of net worth. Officially, however, by the annual The World Billionaires ranking of March 2019, Jeff Bezos currently holds the title

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