Pakistani students set down a protest against French President Emmanuel Macron.
Student protestors outside French Embassy: SOURCE: GEO.TV

A few Pakistani students belonging to different universities in London assembled outside the French Embassy in London to set down a protest against French President Emmanuel Macron.

The French president’s prior remarks, where he had said that Islam was in crisis everywhere on the world, had angered Muslims and led to protests around the world.

Source: TPD

Macron, who had said he or his authorities didn’t uphold the cartoons in an ongoing meeting, had warned that however he understands Muslims are upset and hurt by the publication of disrespectful cartoons of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), France would not tolerate violence and brutality.

Sahi, who is City University’s Pakistani Society president, declared that Macron had shown impolitely behavior by deciding to justify the cartoons which are viewed as clearly violence to Muslims.

Angry at the French president, protestors shouted slogans including disgrace Macron disgrace.

Macron had attempted to circulate the circumstance by removing himself from the cartoons and clarifying that France had nothing to do with them except for the ban of French products also protests continued in the Muslim world and beyond.

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