Kashmiri people on completion of a one-year military attack by brutal Indian forces.

The whole country will view Youm-e-Istehsal on August 5 to show unity with the Kashmiri individuals on completion of a one-year military attack by merciless Indian forces.

Transformed into an outdoors jail, where individuals being punished and criminalized for indicating protest, the brutalities caused upon Kashmiris are a course reading meaning of crimes against humankind.

Neither Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah had the courage to visit Kashmir and answer the individuals in this whole past year.

Prime minister Imran Khan will deliver AJK Assembly tomorrow to reconfirm Pakistan’s help to the cause for Kashmiris.

Solidarity walks of one mile will be planned in all the main cities including the federal capital and one minute silence is to be seen the nation over.

Two short documentaries on the event of Youm e Istehsal that uncovered the face of Modi’s India  

The documentary features Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir, India’s disrespect at the hands of China on the border and its argument with India and Nepal.

Hindutva infection is more damaging than the coronavirus.

The documentary included, the aftershocks of the infection will be felt for a long time into the future.

It is to be noticed that the second documentary indicated Indian abuse on Kashmiris.

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