Meher Posh, a massive love story.

Mehru has begun developing some feelings for Shah Jahan. She is happily going to Shifali’s wedding yet then Shifali’s mom begins disrespecting Mehru as a divorcee lady and stops her for continuing for the Mehndi ceremonies for being a divorced person.

Shah Jahan saves Mehru from Shifali’s mom’s cursing. Shah Jahan in front all of the individuals and Shifali’s mom disclose to them that he will wed Mehru, leaving Mehru in a shocked. Mehru plainly realizes that his mom will never accept her.

Shah Jahan’s mom is planning another game, she has taken Ayat on shopping and advises her to purchase whatever she loves and afterward calls Shah Jahan to help her out and leaves them alone in the shopping center.

Shah Jahan told Ayat to also purchase something for Mehru as well so she purchased a suit for her and offer it to Mehru and said Shah Jahan has purchased this for you. Mehru is glad to see her dress, she is as of now dreaming about Shah Jahan, even with realizing that his mom will never allow this to occur.

She wears the dress the next day which says clearly that Mehru is also in love with Shah Jahan, he sees her and really likes it that she is wearing her gift and he takes her on his first drive in his newly purchased car.

There are a lot more twists to come about what Shah Jahan’s mom is planning and will she accept Mehru as her daughter in law.

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