Roshan Digital Account Gets 1 Billion Dollars in Seven Months
PM appreciates overseas Pakistanis for the achievement of milestone source:

Exclusive from Karachi – Roshan Digital Account receives significant milestone

Foreign exchange using Roshan Digital Account crosses $1 billion in such a short period of seven months. It is a significant milestone to achieve. This $ 1bn creates room for architects to launch more attractions and enhancements for the foreign Pakistanis this month. In this case, the State Bank of Pakistan says,

“The arrival of funds through Roshan Digital Account already crossed $1 Billion in only seven months. Furthermore, the occasion is organized to acknowledge the overseas Pakistanis for their tremendous response to this beginning”.

PM Imran Khan appreciates Roshan Digital Account (RDA) for this achievement:

Prime minister Imran Khan is overwhelmed with this remarkable progress. Moreover, he also praises foreign Pakistanis and the State Bank Of Punjab (SBP) for making significant contributions in improving the country’s foreign exchange arrivals. In this regard, the Prime Minister tweeted on Saturday,

“By the Grace of Allah Almighty, finance gathered utilizing Roshan Digital Account have crossed $1bn. Furthermore, he acknowledged the overseas Pakistanis for showing their stunning response. In addition to this, PM also praises the struggle and hard work of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and other banks for winning this huge milestone. All in all, he also acknowledges them to secure the amount in such a short period.

SBP Intends to launch two new schemes:

According to the resources, SBP intends to introduce two new schemes, “Roshan Apni Car” and “Roshan Samaji Khidmat.” Both of the schemes aim to collect donations from overseas Pakistanis. However, these schemes will be introducing by the last week of April.

Bottom line:

About twenty banks joined their hands with RDA and making efforts for its welfare. According to the financial department, the reason for these higher arrivals in RDA is the enhanced confidence of the foreign Pakistanis. They play a significant role in improving the country’s economy. As a whole, RDA is playing a crucial part in stabilizing the rupee.

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