Ufone Network is Upgraded! 2G to 3G in South Waziristan
PTA designates to regulate Ufone Network services. source: propakistani.pk

The Ufone Network has recently upgraded from 2G to 3G LTE in South Waziristan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) conduct a survey based on Quality of Service (QoS) in South Waziristan to examine the ground status of telecommunication services.

Prime Minister visits in South Waziristan

After the consecutive visits of the Prime Minister to South Waziristan, the data services of Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) came into motion and ultimately upgraded on 20th January 2021 respectively. The further details reflect that Ufone Network (2G) services are very poor in South Waziristan and some specific areas, the benefits are entirely unavailable.

Improvisation of Ufone Network Services

The Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) were requested to enhance the network services along with the regulation of data networking sites. In the beginning, Jazz was already providing  3G data services, and in no time, this network was upgraded to 4G in February 2021.

It is believed that the up-gradation of the Ufone Network from 2G to 3G in South Waziristan would be a significant step to improve the communication experience for the local community, specifically the students out there.

Enhancement in Telecommunication Infrastructure

As the result of the QoS, the survey revealed that there is a great requirement for a stable and fast data network. The CMO services should work more vigilantly to meet the expectations of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. For this purpose, the cellular operators are directed to find out all the errors and deficiencies as soon as possible and take all the necessary measures to fix the issues.

To Conclude

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is continuously taking significant steps by cooperating with the CMOS to build up a solid and reliable Ufone network and as well as to upgrade the telecommunication base in South Waziristan areas to provide better voice quality and as well as better and speedy data services.

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