Pakistan Set to Open Its First Media Technology University
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Media technology is the future. Fast technology, without a doubt, can improve our lives and make them more manageable. Given the current situation and the need for social isolation, media technology builds communication bridges. Given the need for such developments, Pakistan launched its first Media Technology University based in Islamabad. According to the study, 90% of people aged 5 to 17 use computer programs, and about 59% are online.

Pakistan’s First Media Technology University

According to Fawad Chaudary, a university will be built in Pakistan to promote the development of media technology. In addition, the university will be one of its kind and will focus on providing the best possible opportunities for its students. Various fields include animation, visual effects, filmmaking, and cinematography. In addition, students will acquire a set of skills and education to study media subjects effectively.

Minister of State sheds light on this program

“This is the first time Media Technology University has established to develop the skills. More than 1,500 internships are planned for media people in the country. ”Fawad Chaudry

He talked about the importance of media and technology while emphasizing your need for both. He said communication and the modern era had changed people’s perceptions and decision-making skills where the press played an important role. Young generations have to manage and learn new skills that can be useful to society.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting further stated that “Pakistan has donated 70,000 lives in the war on crime, but no book has been published so far. Today, we cannot win battles with weapons but with digital media. “

Open Ceremony of the University

Prime Minister Imran Khan will officially launch the university at its official opening ceremony on August 14. Meanwhile, in the latest news, the minister has spoken to Huawei Pakistan’s chief executive Saif Chi to participate in a future development campaign at the university.

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