How to Check If Your iPhone is Original or Fake: A Complete Guide
How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake iPhones. Image Source:

iPhone: In today’s era, every person, whether children or older adults, has a smartphone. No one can live without it; some have an Android phone, and some have an iPhone. If you are using an iPhone and don’t know the difference between a real and a fake iPhone, then it is very important to know today. We will tell you the difference between a real and a fake iPhone.

Check the model number:

To avoid a fake iPhone, you can also check its model number. For that, you also have to go to the settings of your iPhone and then go to the general option. After that, you must click on the About option and check the model number. If the model number starts with ‘M’, then the phone is genuine, while if the model number starts with ‘F’, then the phone is damaged and repaired. If your model number starts with ‘N’, Apple has replaced the phone for some reason.


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Importance of serial number:

To know the difference between genuine and fake iPhones, you first need to check their serial number. Go to settings, click on the General option, then click About and Copy the serial number from there. After copying this serial number, you need to go to the Google website, check, and paste the serial number. This way, the truth will be that the phone seller is not lying.

In conclusion:

As smartphones, particularly iPhones, have become an integral part of our daily lives, distinguishing between a genuine and a fake device has become increasingly important. The model number and serial number serve as crucial indicators in this regard. By checking the model number through the settings and ensuring it begins with ‘M,’ users can confirm the authenticity of their iPhones. Additionally, cross-referencing the serial number on the official Apple website provides a reliable method to verify the phone’s legitimacy. In a world where counterfeit products abound, these steps not only safeguard against potential scams but also ensure a genuine and reliable iPhone experience. Stay informed, be vigilant, and make the most of your technological investments in this digital age.

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