New Surf Excel Advertisement will hit you right in the Feel- 2021
New surf Excel Advertisement brings about the essence of selflessly giving and caring source:

Ek Mukammal Jahan – New Surf Excel Ad:

The new Surf Excel advertisement tugs at your heart by convincing you to take your steps and get closer to your loved ones which is the real meaning of Ramadan. As we know, every Ramadan, Surf Excel brings a heartfelt message while promoting its tagline, “ Daagh to achy hoty hain”. It is the time when people throughout the world open their hearts to one other. In this Holy month, everyone gets a chance to seek the blessings of ALLAH (SWT). At the same time, some people become sorrowful by remembering the loved ones that they have lost. This is the message that this New Surf Excel ad reflects.

Surf Excel Ad is making us realise that what Ramzan is actually about

The exceptional production of Surf Excel takes us to the very heart-touching and emotional journey based on love and blessings. The story of this new ad revolves around the bus of children. The children visit the old age home. Additionally, the old age home is full of adults leading their lives without their loved ones. The children are very energetic, and because of their presence, the elderly feel happy, yet they are a bit confused.

It seems that the children and elderly light up each other’s world by providing happiness and comfort to each other. The elderly enjoy the company of children. At the same time, children are enjoying playing with the adults. It seems that they are doing numerous activities. Activities like painting an eye-catching Ramadan Portrait, dying the hair, making ponytails, and many other fun activities. Meanwhile, the stains that appear on the clothes of children and the elderly promotes the surf Excel tagline (strains are good).

To Conclude:

In the end, after spending the whole day with the adults of old-home and with a heavy heart, the children were returning to the bus. We came to know that the children are also alone. Children are orphans and came from the Orphanage. The story, which was initiated with the sad notes, ends with the happy notes. They made a commitment in which the old-house people said, Inho ny bhi kisi ko khoya hai or hum ne bhi!A child replied beautifully to this, Sath reh leingy to koi akela nahi rahega! This brings us to the end of this advertisement where children and the elderly merge in the same place and support each other. The objective of this creation is to make us feel what Ramadan actually means!

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