Because of less staff individuals accessible for coronavirus testing, the staff members accessible are confronting troubles in finalizing the uncompleted work as the quantity of COVID-19 patients keep on flooding across Sindh.

Around 13,890 tests were directed on June 21, 9,841 tests were done on June 22 and the number was additionally decreased to just 6,597 tests on June 23.

The limit of carrying coronavirus tests have decreased by half in Sindh as staff members manage for directing these tests in hospitals, research facilities and medical centers have definitely decreased after being infected from the COVID-19.

The Sindh Health Department didn’t declare the information on June 23, although, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said, around 7,400 tests were directed in the region on June 24.

The quantity of coronavirus cases are rising step by step in Sindh. Up until this point, the total sum of patients in the region are 74,070.

According to the health department, a huge number of test results were waiting in different labs including Civil, Jinnah, Ojha and Karachi University because of the shortfall of medical staff.

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