Yasir Nawaz announces his first commercial movie in Sindhi.
Yasir Nawaz revealed Sindhi film as Pakistan celebrates Sindh Cultural day! source: bolnews.com

Famous actor and director Yasir Nawaz is ready to make a film for the Sindhi language community. The filmmaker logged in to his Instagram to share the great news. He looked satisfied as he made the announcement. The first Sindhi film will open the door for actors and actresses in the Sindhi media. Yasir’s efforts to bring the Sindhi media in limelight are remarkable; however, he will be remembered for his kind words for his unique work.

Yasir Nawaz

Fans are happy and excited about the project: 

This news became a hot topic among his followers, and the Sindhi community in Pakistan and abroad are very happy and excited about this work. I hope the project will succeed and show real talent in the Sindhi media industry. However, many talented Sindhi currently works in the Urdu media industry, such as Fahad Mustafa, Atiqa Odho, Sakina Samo, Mahnoor Baloch, etc.

Yasir Nawaz Sindhi Film Project:

Yasir announced his new project at the Sindhi Culture Day 2021 event, in which he made a Sindhi film to thank the Sindhi community. He must start the All-Sindhi cast for his movie. According to him, the film’s story will be written by the famous Sindhi writer Noorul Huda Shah, and the author has told successful stories like Jungle, Marvi, Bebak, Tapish, Ajayb Ghar, and Sammi. There is no doubt that Yasir is a talented man and a team-aligned person with many successful projects like Wrong No., Wrong No.2, and Mehrunisa V Lub U in his portfolio.

The message from Yasir Nawaz about his New Sindhi Film:

He is working on another film called, Chakkar which will be released soon. Yasir announced a major project in a video recorded in the Sindhi language, and he wore a traditional Sindhi dress with Ajrak and Topi. He said, “I wish everyone a happy Sindhi Culture Day. I am here to share the good news with you all. I will make a film for my Sindhi community. Being a Sindhi, I felt it my responsibility to do something special for my community. He added, “This film will be written by the famous Sindhi writer Noor ul Huda Apa, and will be a gift from Apa and me to the Sindh people.

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