Sindh encounter two more UK COVID-19 variant Patients

Sindh encounter two more UK COVID-19 variant Patients
Two Test Positive UK Covid-19 variant in Sindh source:

On Thursday 31st Dec 2020, two more patients were tested for UK Covid-19 variant in Karachi. The test results came out positive making this total number of Five patients carrying potentially the most contagious variant of COVID-19 in Sindh. Sources: Health department told Dawn News.

According to an official of health department, the two test positive patients were of 20’s age and UK returnees plus they were residents of Karachi. Both of them were perfectly stable and asymptomatic and currently in-home isolation.

Total UK COVID-19 Variant Patients:

The First case of new variant of coronavirus (B.1.1.7) was detected in the South England in late September. From there it was spread to more than 50 countries.

Total five of the UK returnees including three women and these two men are detected positive for new Covid-19 variant out of 12. Rest were common Covid-19 positive in Karachi.

Further Testing and Surveillance:

Patients with UK Covid-19 variant are being tested further in Agha Khan University Hospital and during this period their houses are under strict police surveillance.

 New viral mutation:

The new variant of coronavirus came into being after multiple mutations and changes in genetic code. According to UK researchers the new variant has 22 coding changes in the viral genome, which made it 70% more spreading and infectious

Currently known variant of COVID-19 belongs to the Sars-Cov-2 strain. It has not been mutated and showing good results to vaccines and general treatments.

In conclusion:

There are many misconceptions and news regarding new strain of Covid-19, but still scientist suggest that there are no hard proof whether this new strain is deadlier or infectious than the common strain, or whether the new strain is resistant to the vaccines being introduced nowadays.

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