Source: Dastak Cooking Oil Commercial
Source: Dastak Cooking Oil Commercial

The tagline of this product is “split the plate”

This advertisement is very heart touching and with a very deep message for a lot of us that makes us realize some manners that are missing in us.

This ad is about a clerk and a worker. The clerk everyday takes away the dishes once the worker is done eating. One day the worker saw the spoon left on his table, he goes to give the clerk back, but what he sees touched his heart. He saw that the old man is eating the leftover of him, and thanking God for the rizq he gave to him. And then from the other day he left some food purposely for the man, which bought smile on his face.

This a very wonderful message for people like us. We should share food with the people who don’t have food. Some people only get to fill their stomach once a day. Whereas, we waste the food without being thankful of what HE gave to us. We always whine about the little things which we did not get.

So, we as a Muslim community should take care of the underprivileged people and help them in every way possible.

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