CAA, Restriction for Visitors to Pakistan to Proceed till 14 March.
Restriction for Visitors to Pakistan: source:

Civil Aviation Authority CAA given travel restriction outline for visitors to Pakistan will continue until 14TH March, the notification issued on Saturday stated.

The Civil Aviation Authority CAA stated that all inbound travelers to Pakistan should follow the direction issued on 31 December 2020 concerning standard operating procedures because Coronavirus would stay till 14 March.

The statement by CAA, the group list of countries where from visitors follow to travel to Pakistan will also continue in effect till 14 March,

The Aviation Authority split the upgraded list of countries, restricted under groups A, B, and C.

Group A

The list started in Group A “do not require COVID-19 PCR test before entry into Pakistan”.

The international countries -24 in all including Australia, China, Iraq, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Group C

Visit from group C countries to Pakistan is secured and “only allowed as per guidelines of NCOC (National Command and Operations Centre),” stated CAA, including these restrictions detailed in a 29 January, concern from group C countries will continue active till 14 March.

These international countries are 15 in figure and including South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Dated 29 January, in the notice, CAA had stated that only the following folk from group C nations are grant to travel to Pakistan so long as they have a negative PCR test- one that was performed 72 hours previous at the most:

Pakistani passport holders claim a valid visa from a Group C country

– Pakistani NICOP holders

– Pakistan Origin Card (POC) holders

– Diplomatic passport holders of Category C countries and their families

Group B

All nations are not listed in Group A or C drop under Group B. Visitors from these nations landing to Pakistan require a negative covid-19 PCR test that must have been appropriated 72 hours before the moment at the most.

See CAA’s full notice:

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