Bikhray Moti, a story between love and responsibility.

Aiza’s dad commands her to wed Zulfi as her punishment. Aiza is upset at how her dad could be that harsh who is prepared to destroy her daughter’s life. Aiza isn’t prepared to wed Zulfi as she obviously knows about his bad nature

When Shezaadi tells her khala that she doesn’t need to destroy her life for her, she will wed any place her Dadi is wedding her off. At that point Aiza chooses to wed Zulfi only for Faiza’s kids.

Janu is far away from everyone at the shop in this cruel world around, he is asked by a similar man who has eyes on him to watch not a suitable film with him in which Janu plainly refuses. It is indicated that Faiza has cleverly brought up her child by completely making him aware of all the dangers of the world.

Ahad is eagerly waiting for Aiza at the railroad station yet poor Aiza is stuck in that circumstance where she has no option but to sacrifice herself for Faiza’s kids. Ahad’s dad Haji Sahab died because he takes Ahad’s nonattendance too much to his heart. When Ahad returns he sees his dad’s dead body.

Aiza’s mom’s sudden changing behavior and turning brave isn’t seeming well and good had she been more brave before she would have able to protect Aiza and even Faiza.

Aiza plainly reveals to Zulfi that she has married him just for her sister’s kids.

There are a lot more twists what will be the reaction of Ahad when he finds out about Aiza’s marriage with Zulfi.

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