Aagha Ali To Revealed First Web Film on Urduflix: Raat
Upcoming Film Raat: Agha Ali marks his directorial debut source: propakistani.pk

Aagha Ali, Actor, and director, is all set to debut his First web film. 

The artist Aagha Ali is already well-known as a singer and television presenter without his reputation as an actor. His acting skills seem to surpass his music videos. Now it looks like you’re about to enter the digital world. Aagha Ali has revealed that his first web film ‘Raat’ will be released soon. He announced the news on Instagram telling that the film belonged to Urdu’s digital streaming platform, Urduflix.

Web-film will be released in August 2021

Ali has Revealed that the web film will be released in August on UrduFlix. He added, “I am very pleased to announce that this is my first directing and first time as a Producer, so I am equally nervous. Finally, I hope you all like it.”

Director & Producer:

According to UrduFlix, Raat Film was written, produced, and directed by Aagha Ali. At the same time, the primary producer was Farhan Gauher, and Auraq made production points.

In leading roles Aagha Ali alongside his wife, Hina Altaf.

He did not make a direct appearance in the film’s directorial role but is also the film’s producer, Finally the upcoming movie super actors Ali and Hina Altaf.

The band khirkiyan superstar is one of our most proficient characters. While the actor had to fight hard in his early days in PTV drama in 2011, he later moved to Karachi and made a name for himself in the industry with his acting skills. Superstar couple Hina Altaf and her husband Aagha Ali have the following fans. 


Aagha Ali said about his film that “it’s the kind we don’t usually see on our television,” adding that he has excited about the upcoming show. Although it released under the announcement of Team Agha Productions in partnership with Urduflix, the series will play Ali himself, alongside his wife Hina Altaf, in the lead role. Ahmad Sohail will be the coordinator of the program, while no release date has yet been announced.

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