Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed Set to Star in New Series’ Barzakh
‘Barzakh’: Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed’s Exciting New Collaboration

A Unique Blend of Love, Family, and the Afterlife

“Barzakh” promises a captivating fusion of love, intricate family dynamics, and the afterlife, all set against the stunning backdrop of Pakistan’s Hunza Valley. This six-episode series is eagerly anticipated for its compelling storyline and picturesque setting.


The Reunion of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed

Fans are thrilled about the highly anticipated reunion of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, who gained widespread fame together in “Zindagi Gulzar Hai.” Their on-screen chemistry will be rekindled in “Barzakh,” which premieres on July 19. The excitement is palpable as audiences look forward to seeing this beloved duo back on screen.

Story of the Drama:

The story takes a surprising turn when a 76-year-old hermit invites his estranged relatives to his wedding with the ghost of his first true love. This spiritual journey into the unknown delves into profound themes such as everlasting love, the afterlife, and the complex bonds within families. It’s not just an average tale; “Barzakh” addresses significant issues like mental health awareness, cultural reflections on generational responsibilities, and sexual identity inclusivity.

A Talented Cast and Visionary Director

Alongside Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, the cast features Salman Shahid and Eman Suleman. Directed by Asim Abbasi, the series draws inspiration from Abbasi’s personal experiences, particularly the loss of his father. Abbasi aimed to create more than just another family drama; he envisioned a “hyperreal” experience that would resonate deeply with viewers.


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A Thought-Provoking Experience

“Barzakh” is set to spark conversations about love, life, and the afterlife, offering an unparalleled adventure that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. As the series premieres on July 19, audiences should prepare for a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience that challenges conventional storytelling and explores the depths of human emotions and relationships.


“Barzakh” is not just a series; it explores profound themes wrapped in a visually stunning package. With the much-anticipated reunion of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, a compelling narrative that delves into the mysteries of love and the afterlife, and a visionary director at the helm, “Barzakh” is poised to leave a lasting impact on its viewers. As the premiere date of July 19 approaches, audiences can look forward to a show that promises to be both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, offering a unique blend of reality and fantasy against the breathtaking backdrop of the Hunza Valley. Prepare to embark on this unparalleled journey and join the conversation about the deeper meanings of love, life, and family.

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