Bandhay Ek Dour Se, a story of friendship love and selfish dreams.

Maheen’s greedy in laws have ordered a car in the dowry and have delayed the Nikkah.

Everybody in the house is of the view that they ought to never accept to Maheen’s in-law’s selfish demand. Moonis is plainly saying that he isn’t agreeable to this relationship as he never likes those individuals who were greedy and selfish and he wouldn’t like to offer her sister in that family. But, Maheen’s mom believes that in the event that she will break this relationship it will severely influence Maheen’s life and nobody will going to accept her.

Dadi thinks of a solution, she settles that Nikkah of Maheen will occur as arranged but with Omar.

Omar gets the shocking news about his Nikkah which is going to occur with Maheen. He attempts to stop however Moonis hugs him in appreciation. Omar unable to reject the nikkah in front his family.

Well everybody in the family is so happy and excited about this nikkah except Omar. Bhabi is so sure that Maheen and Omar love each other that she needs to surprise her but when Maheen comes to know that her nikkah is going to occur with Omar she gets shocked.

There are a lot more twists to come will Omar and Maheen agree to marry with each other, what will be the reaction of Roshni and will she ever realized her mistake.

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