ARY Digital Launching a Big Boss Style like reality Show.
ARY Digital intends to create a show like Big Boss in Pakistan. source:

India’s much-watched reality show “Big Boss” is a huge success. The fun of the show is real, and fans are crazy about it. Recently, a news item appeared on social media that Pakistani channel ARY Digital plans to launch a similar program like Big Boss in Pakistan. However, social media is full of speculation and rumors about the program. The community seems to be divided on the topic.

Big Boss

This is not the first time a reality show has been held within the industry. Bol TV and Geo Entertainment have already presented different programs that have never been more successful. The news about Pakistan Big Boss is also a rumor that has taken the internet. It could be a guess because no other person/official related person has come forward to confirm or suggest the media evidence.

How’ll the Big Boss in Pakistan?

The creators have kept the project in the shadows, and it is the voice that created the sound on social media. It is very quick to talk about details, content, and topic. If we follow the social media frenzy, Pakistan’s version of Big Boss will be a big star festival. Pakistani audiences want to see their favorite stars as participants in the show.

Big Boss

Fans are thrilled to hear the news about it. They even started naming their favorite celebrities as if they wanted to get into the show. A few fans have suggested Yasir Hussain’s name to be part of the program as the basis of the program is to fight the controversy. They said Fahad Mustafa should manage the program.


Recently, ARY Digital has been rumored to be building a reality show like Big Boss in Pakistan. However, this is just a rumor, and the television station did not announce anything. The word is that the creators have released the idea, but they do not want to make any official announcements before the show’s start. Although it has the same format as Big Boss, it may have a different name due to a copyright issue. This is also possible if the show is closed. Rumors have already delighted fans as they propose the names of program celebrities. Based on rumors alone, people nominate celebrities as candidates for the program.

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