Arresting a man involved in helping employee infected with the virus to flee.

Punjab police division has documented the main kind of case in the midst of COVID-19 wave in the wake of capturing a man, recognized as Tahir Saeed, associated with helping employee infected with the infection to escape to a village as opposed to taking him to the emergency clinic for being isolated.

It developed that the infection patient, Umar Farooq, came to Vihari in the wake of changing two transports. Umar Farooq, who has tested positive for COVID-19, works in as a cook at the resident of Tahir Saeed in Sui Gas Colony zone of Lahore.

While indicating the criminal carelessness, Saeed quickly sent off his employee, Farooq, to Vihari as opposed to informing concerned authorities to take him to the isolation ward of a medical clinic. It has been uncovered that Umar Farooq changed two transports to reach Vihari from Lahore and came into contact with numerous people during his journey.

The terrible error was uncovered when a test report for coronavirus outbreak came positive and the organization of a private research facility instructed the provincial health office with respect to the new case.

Afterward, the health authorities reached Tahir Saeed for connecting with Umar Farooq. Be that as it may, Saeed revealed to them that Farooq has leave to his town.

A joint group of local police and health division arrested Farooq. Farooq and his relatives have been moved punctually to isolation ward, though, his boss, Tahir Saeed, was additionally captured by police authorities while making severe move over his criminal misstep for risking numerous lives into harm.

 Saeed’s relatives were likewise kept in isolate over doubts of the transmittal of COVID-19 from their employee Umar Farooq while he was remaining with them inside their home.

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