Changan Oshan X7 SUV Finally Launched In Pakistan: Spec and Features.
The Oshan X7 crossover SUV Launch Details. source:

The Changan Oshan X7 SUV Officially launched:

After making fans wait for months, the Changan Oshan X7 has finally launched in Pakistan. It Launched just days after the new Honda Civic 2022, which is the latest news in Pakistan’s automotive industry. The vehicle will be available in two variants. Moreover, the Oshan X7 is a midsize crossover SUV competing with the Kia Sorento, Toyota Fortuner, Proton X70, and Haval H6. It is a recent product that may have the edge over its competitors regarding features and value for money.

The Launch Event:

Master Changan Motors Limited, a Pakistani disruptive car company, has announced the launch of its SUV – the Changan Oshan X7 in the ‘RHD Global Premier.’ It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the RHD model was introduced before any other country in the world. The CEO of Master Changan Motors Limited, Danial Malik, unveiled the SUV and announced details at a press conference in Karachi, accompanied by an exciting digital broadcast. Digital stream is also broadcast at country dealerships and Changan partner stores worldwide.

 Changan Oshan X7 variants.

The car comes in two variants Future Sense and Comfort. However Future Sense will have five-seater, and Comfort will have seven seats. The 5-seat model is the richest type, while the 7-seat model is the basic. Furthermore, both variations will come with the same specifications of performance.

Features :

Automatic Driving

Adaptive Cruise Control

Stability Control

Traction Control

Route Warning

Lane Save Assist

Blind Spot Monitoring

Collision warning (Front and back)

Modern Infotainment touch screen

Digital Climate Control

Push Start

Electric Parking Brake

Reversible Side Mirrors

Panoramic Sunroof

LED Brake Lamps


LED lights

Save Camera

Parking Sensors

Shark Fin Antenna

Exterior Features:

The new Changan models are some cars that look sharp on the roads today, which is also true of the Oshan X7 SUV. Moreover, The front has a sporty front bumper, mesh pattern, glossy LED lights, Daytime Running Lights, a sporty front bumper, and a simple but smooth hood. In contrast, the side profile is similar to several SUVs, with fewer bullet lines, a higher shoulder line, and alloy wheels that allow for a more sophisticated look. Furthermore, the back is also similar to most crossovers. A large, Audi-Esque light bar cuts across the back of the SUV, accompanied by a silver strap a double beef back bumper. Overall, the Oshan X7 has a nice yet relatively subtle style at the same time.

Interior Features:

The interior design of the Oshan X7 is surprisingly clean and simple. Smooth lines and creases complement the cabin, which beautifully markets leather, black piano panels, and delicate touch items, allowing for a modern and dignified look. Moreover, the Oshan X7 is a D-segment crossover SUV with an open cabinet that can seat seven passengers comfortably (except for luxury only). Overall, the Oshan X7 has a beautiful modern, stylish, and functional interior at the same time.

Available colors:

The Oshan X7 will give them tough competition. Moreover, the car will be available in 6 exciting colors: Cosmic Red, Orion Blue, Galaxy Black, Space Gray, Lunar Silver, and Stellar White.

Price of the SUV:

The prices Of Oshan X7 SUV variants are:

  • Oshan X7 Comfort — Rs 5,750,000
  • X7 Future Sense — Rs 5,950,000

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