PM Imran authorize castration punishment for rape convicts without any further delay.

Prime minister Imran Khan directed the cabinet meeting in Islamabad that authorized castration punishment for rape convicts.

The authorization was given after the law ministry introduced a draft of the anti-rape law. It additionally includes expanding women’ part for policing, quick tracking rape cases and witness insurance.

PM Imran Khan said that the enactment will be straightforward and clear with strict authorization. He said the rape survivors will have the option to enroll complains unafraid, adding that the government will ensure their identity.

Prime minister Imran Khan on the event said no such postpone will be accepted. We have to guarantee a protected climate for our residents.

He further added that the government could likewise control rapists and sexual victimizers are by giving them strict and an exemplary punishment that next time no one could ever try to commit this crime. He said, “They should be hang on roads.”

He kept up that the government later came to realize that being an agreement of the Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) status by the European Union the public authority can’t do the activity of public hangings as it would not be satisfactory internationally.

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