Kashmir and Palestine issues are UN’s most flaming and long-standing failures. FM

Foreign Minister Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine issues are United Nation’s most flaming and long-standing failures.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the event of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, he said the individuals of occupied Kashmir and Palestine still await the achievement of the right of self-assurance.


He said, “We the people of the UN must rise up to address the worldwide difficulties confronted, both historic and current.”

He said Pakistan has been and stays a wholehearted believer in multilateralism and the vitality of the United Nations.


FM said, the UN’s diamond jubilee celebration is undoubtedly a milestone event to notice back to its primary standards and an event to calmly examine.


FM Qureshi wrote, Pakistan has offered more than 200,000 soldiers to 47 missions in 26 nations. We have facilitated the biggest extended refugee population. Where others with fundamentalist belief systems go against UN standards with a lost feeling of qualification, Pakistan keeps on representing a world centered in peace and harmony.


He concluded that, it is our belief that for the UN, its qualities and its design, there is no other option. We should come together to stop from alarming from turning into self-fulfilling prediction. In this respectable effort, the United Nations will consistently discover Pakistan close by.

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