Areesha Fatima, a 4-year-old girl, becomes the Microsoft professional
A 4-year Karachi girl score 831 marks in the MCP exam: source:

Areesha Fatima – Pride of Pakistan

Areesha Fatima, a 4-year-old sensation from Karachi, becomes the youngest Microsoft professional. By getting 831 marks in the Microsoft certified professional (MCP) exam, Areesha Fatima set an example for the upcoming generations. The government of Pakistan also appreciates her for this victory via social media.

The world record for passing this challenging exam is 700. This passionate little girl breaks this record by scoring 831 marks. Areesha Fatima made the nation proud all over the globe.

An Interview with Areesha Fatima’s Parents

Areesha’s father, Osama, is also a very brilliant mind. He, too, has secured a milestone in his youth period. While talking about his intelligent daughter, he says, “During the lockdown period when he was supposed to work from home, he explores that Areesha Fatima is interested in information technology. Osama further states that he helped her in polishing her skills and also helped her in this test.

Osama is also an information technology expert, and he is pleased and as well as proud to see her daughter doing such a fantastic job in this field. Furthermore, Areesha’s parents say that she is brilliant and also carries an extraordinary mind. She has always been an intelligent student as well. Moreover, her parents also say that she is competent and has a very sharp memory. She memorizes anything in just a single look. For the future, Areesha plans to memorize Quran by the age of six.

To Summarize:

This slight sensation of Pakistan is a rapid learner. He intends to start working on Microsoft office like managing the files, text and section formatting, creating tables and graphics in a word file. All in all, she is on the way to accomplish a significant milestone. In this regard, the Government official Salman Hashmi says that he is so proud of this Pakistani girl.

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