Ambassador of Azerbaijan addressing situation of ‘Armenian Military Aggression and attacks against Azerbaijan’.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan, Ali Alizada in Pakistan tending to a media briefing and public interview on the most recent circumstance of ‘Armenian Military attack and assaults against Azerbaijan’.

Azerbaijan on Thursday expressed gratitude toward Pakistan and Turkey for their well-defined help in the nation’s ongoing Upper Karabakh struggle with Armenia.

He said that Armenia was attempting to merge business as usual system dependent on occupation in Azerbaijani territories rather than accepting UN Security Council resolutions and other global associations looking for the quick and genuine removal of its soldiers from the occupied region.

The ambassador likewise defended Azerbaijan’s counter-hostile activities against Armenian attacks saying that they were done inside globally recognized regions of Azerbaijan and in compliance with Article 51 of the UN Charter (right of self-defence).

Alizada stated, the duty regarding the rise of the circumstance on the front lines lies directly with the Armenian military-political leadership. Azerbaijan had no military focuses in Armenia and its counter-hostile activity was intended to free its lands and force Armenia to make peace.

The representative encouraged the world network to choose a principled stand and criticized Armenia’s forceful activities.

Col Mehman Novruzov, Azerbaijan’s military attache in Pakistan, said Armenia was passing on fake information and unfounded allegations against his nation to include outsiders in the fight.

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