PM invites Saudi Arabia to benefit from Pakistan’s economic contributions.
Addressing the Saudi Investment Forum in Riyadh. source:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the country would stand with Saudi Arabia when needed while inviting State business people to benefit from donations to Pakistan. Speaking to the Saudi Investment Forum in Riyadh on Monday, the PM expressed hope that the two private sectors would fully utilize the country’s close and intimate relations to harness untapped potential in trade, business, and investment.

Pakistan will be standing with the Kingdom.

He assured the Saudi government that Pakistan would stand with the State to protect their security. “I want to assure Saudi Arabia that whenever there is a threat, I can assure you that Pakistan will be standing by you to protect your security,” PM said. Praising the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, “I have seen a change under the strong leadership of the crown prince, I have seen the difference. He is interested in change for the future of Saudi Arabia. ”

Our growth was moving in the right direction.

Imran Khan said in the 1960s that Pakistan was one of the fastest-growing economies globally, with strong institutions. “Our growth has been on the right track, but unfortunately, we have lost our way,” said Khan, blaming nationalism for “blocking” growth.

We are exploring the full potential of our country.

The prime minister, however, said Pakistan is opening its own business. “We are promoting our industry; now we look at the absolute power of our country. ” Khan told the majority of Pakistan’s 220 million people are under the age of 30. “It means it has great potential for growth because it is the most important factor in developing the young population.

Excellent relations with China. 

“That is a good place for Pakistan – we have two major markets in the world (China, India) next to us. We can, through Afghanistan, have access to central Asian markets, ”he said. Pakistan had good relations with China, and that there could be further economic benefits if the Kashmir issue was resolved with India.

India and Pakistan.

“There is only one issue between us (India and Pakistan) and the Kashmir issue. It is about human rights and the right of the people of Kashmir to their independence. The right was guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council for the people of Kashmir 72 years ago.” Khan highlighted the economic potential that can be achieved if the issues between these neighbors are resolved.

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