A Real-Life Version of ‘Squid Game’ Is Happening in South Korea
A hotel is organizing an event. source: samaa.tv

A South Korean hotel has announced that it will be hosting the actual Netflix show for the popular Squid Game show this month. Netflix is reporting that South Korea’s Dystopian Drop has launched its most successful series ever. Squid Games follow the story of people with high debts who are forced to compete in a series of children’s games that turn out to be deadly. Many participants returned voluntarily as the winning prize ($ 38 million) would be their only chance of survival. The series consists of 9 episodes. However, you’re mistaken if you think that the important squid Game is disruptive and violent because it is on the screen.

The event, being organized by St John’s Hotel.

The event, organized by St John’s hotel, will be hospitable guests, and annual participants will be a part of it. A registration fee of $ 8.39 will be charged, and therefore the winner can receive $ 4,178. A mysterious card with a telephone number is provided to participants, who will be required to enter the pine forest near the hotel to compete in a series of games. Participants who fail to follow the rules will be removed. In the process, they were shot dead.

Compromise social distancing.

However, city officials have ordered the organizers not to hold the event, saying it could disrupt public distances. It remains to be seen whether the hotel will suspend the games or arrange a different type. A similar event is organized in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday by the Korean Culture Center. Participants were wearing T-shirts with the Squid Game logo, and those who were discarded and not removed instead were allowed to watch the game separately. Thirty participants played the games twice.

Squid Game in real life.

Last month, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates announced plans to host a real Squid Game event. There are two separate sessions on Tuesday, October 12, and 15 participants each. Participants will play four of the six games from the Squid Game: Red light, green light, candy challenge dalgona, and marbles.

Squid Game event.

Registration for the Squid Game event was open from September 30th to October 6th. The Korean Cultural Center then sent emails to selected applicants on October 7th. The games played on the Netflix series are very popular with Korean children and remind Korean adults of their childhood memories, said Nam Chan-woo, the UAE Korean Cultural Center director.

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