PM urges the public to defend the country’s sovereignty and democracy
PM says people are the strongest defenders of the country’s independence, democracy source:

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday called on the public to “come out and defend” the country’s sovereignty and democracy, saying “the people are always strong defenders.” “The people have always been the strongest defenders of the sovereignty and democracy,” on Twitter PM Imran a few minutes before the Supreme Court heard Suo Motu’s announcement of the Deputy Speaker’s decision on April 3.

Asks the public to come out and defend 

The people must defend the latest and greatest attacks on Pakistan’s sovereignty and democracy by local allies – our Mir Jafar’s and Mir Sadiqs,” said PM Imran. It is the second time that PM Imran has called on the public to support him. On April 2, the day before the expected vote for a no-confidence motion, he called on the youth to protest for two days against a “foreign conspiracy” against his government. A day later, on April 3, the National Assembly had to vote on a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister. Still, NA Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri rejected the vote under a no-vote under Article 5. Next, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly. On the prime minister’s advice and ordered a new poll in the country.

Foreign elements

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Qasim Suri, called the distrust proposal “unconstitutional,” saying it was based on “external force.” The decision came after PM Imran, on March 27, at a public rally, stated that “foreigners” were promoting a vote of no confidence in his government and said, “some of our people” were being used in this. Later, he cited the United States as the cause of the conspiracy – allegations the country dismissed as baseless.

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