Source: Ushna Shah Official Instagram
Source: Ushna Shah Official Instagram

A rising star of Lollywood “Ushna shah” has always been an forthright and plain-spoken, which is a very common personality to have in an individual.

She proclaimed to give a “racialistic” remarks to a pizza delivery guy to convince him to come inside as her Dog was unleashed.

Her Tweet stated that:

“Marrd banein”, “aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hein”, “mardaangi peida Karein” – some of the sexist & demeaning things I said 2 my 2:30AM Pizza delivery guy 2 convince him 2 bring pizza inside as I held my barking & growling Pitbull back.

After these Tweets of hers Twitter is on FIRE!

Another reply!

Soon she took on the Twitter again and added “everybody crying about my rant”, “I was holding the dog. He refused to come in” she said, trying to prove that her dog won’t bite.

A lot of people are against her that this is not the correct way of talking to a delivery guy who was just doing his work and being scared is a natural thing.

But some agree with her that pet dogs don’t bite which is a common sense. And others are saying that is not just the first time that she is being so rude and creating a chaos.

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