Federal Government Imposes Ban on TLP under Anti-Terrorism Law - 2021
Federal Government arrest Saad Khadim Rizvi for an anti-terrorism act source: samaa.tv

Exclusive from Islamabad:

On Wednesday, the Federal government decides to impose a ban on Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) under the guilt of anti-terrorism law. The interior minister of the federal government Sheikh Rasheed says in the visual conference in Islamabad. He further points out that the people who belong to TLP are creating violence in the country for the past two days and destroying public and private properties worth millions.

The Interior Minister of the Federal Government addresses the conference:

While addressing the media, Sheikh Rasheed says, “ this Tehreek-e-Labbaik protest is bothering big cities of Pakistan and making a huge disturbance in the major and busy areas. As a whole, this act is disturbing the peace of the country. All this is because their Chief Saad Khadim Rizwi is arrested”.

“Punjab government decides of putting Khadim Rizwi behind bars.” The request to ban TLP already reaches the Federal Cabinet for the approval”.Rasheed further says.

While addressing the media, Sheikh Rasheed says that the TLP party member blocks the busy roads while protesting. Because of this, the hospitals couldn’t receive the oxygen cylinders on time. This is an emergency for patients, especially those who are suffering from COVID-19. “Government doesn’t tolerate this situation anymore.” It has to stop”, Rasheed emphasize.

The Federal Government state that FIRs of the people who protest against the arrest of Khadim Rizwi are made by following the laws and regulation. Regarding the issue of Namoos-e-Risaalat, “a single party cannot take offense when it comes to Khatam-e-Nabwat as this matter is close to 20 million people of Pakistan. As far as this matter is concerned, I am all ready to give away my life, Sheikh Rasheed says.

Ending Thoughts:

During the fight between the police and protestors, Muhammad Imran, a police constable, shot dead. The funeral prayer was conducted in Lahore. The Pak Army senior Officials and Police Rangers and the civilians attend the funeral to pay tribute to the departed soul.

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