SCSW urged law enforcement agencies to take strict action and sensitize their staff and officers.

The Sindh Commission on the Status of Women (SCSW) on Friday said it was extremely worried about the flood in violence against women and asked law requirement agencies to make severe move and sharpen their staff and officials to guarantee that a FIR is enlisted in such cases immediately.

Funds ought to likewise be allocated for bringing issues to light, including that solid linkages ought to be created between the administration and civil society associations to give ease to the women of Sindh.

The announcement comes after a mother of three was raped and robbed in front of her children after getting stranded on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway late Wednesday when her vehicle ran out of fuel.

The police reaction was postponed over jurisdiction issues which authorized the criminals to commit the wrongdoing and escape.

“In such cases it was noticed that the police advised the women complainants to resolve the issue at home,” the body noticed.

The commission expressed that the LEAs likewise add “wrong statements”, which leads a postponement in the enlistment of the FIR.

SCSW desires the concerned government offices that the corrected laws be remembered for the plan of the cabinet and be introduced in the cabinet for approval.

A huge factor adding to the suffering of women is that larger part of the women helplines are not in full activity.

In Sindh, there are in excess of 10 government women helplines and extra private helplines. Government complaint cells, helplines, child protection cell, and safe house home helplines ought to be updated.

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