The country has failed to make any impact on controlling street crimes.

A technology driven activity projected by the federal authorities a year back to check the dangers related with the utilization of unlawful cell phone sets in the nation has neglected to have any effect on controlling street wrongdoings, one of the key sources behind trade of second hand sets, as the quantity of grabbing/theft events in 2019 contacted three-year high.

Information assembled by the Karachi police and the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee ‘CPLC’ brought up issues on power of the much-advanced Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System ‘DIRBS’, which was projected in January 2019 as the authorities had guaranteed that the new innovation would check the dangers related with the utilization of illegal mobile handsets in the nation that would eventually give rise to control street wrongdoings.

DIRBS was projected so as to control the dangers related with the utilization of illegal mobile handsets in nation by the PTA ‘Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’ and imposed its application through cellular mobile administrators. Before the presentation of DIRBS, handsets with valid and invalid ‘IMEIs’ were brought into Pakistan through lawful and grey channels.

Investigators refer to some amazing realities, which they have found over the course of their activity, declaring that it’s not any more a mystery that the handsets being snatched and taken in the city, are being dealt to neighboring nations through unlawful channels.

Raja Umar Khattab of the Counter Terrorism Department ‘CTD’ said that the handsets which were not useable due to DIRBS after they were snatched or taken in Karachi were pressed to be sent to Afghanistan yet he was not satisfied that the new system was completely effective even inside the nation.

It should be checked and checked once more. I think if the quantity of cellphone snatching is as yet expanding and such business is as yet effective regardless of the system is set up, we have to do a specialized review of the whole exercise and the system and fix problems where needed.

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