People with non-Karachi CNICs are prohibited from selling used phones
Shopkeepers across Karachi are required to follow the new SOPs. source:

Need Karachi CNIC to sell used phones :

The Karachi Electronics Dealers Association has welcomed the new SOPs in consultation with Karachi police and the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee, said KEDA President Rizwan Irfan. SOPs clearly say you need the Karachi CNIC to sell used phones in markets across the city. However, SOPs pass CNIC verification. Mobile phone stores throughout Karachi have been directed not to buy used phones from non-Karachi postal addresses on their Computerized National Identity Card. Shopkeepers who purchase used phones will also make sure that the device for sale is reported to have been stolen to the CPLC.

CNIC and CPLC verification :

Store owners are instructed to keep all important records of their purchases. If it is found that the phone has been stolen, the seller will be handed over to the police. Even after the seller has passed CNIC and CPLC verification, he will be asked to provide his verified phone number to the store owner who purchased the used device.

Skilled and Unskilled workers :

New SOPs are already in operation. They were first suspended in 2016, but this time they were enforced by Karachi police, the KEDA president said, adding that the measures also apply to new packaged phones. However, repair services throughout the city have also been directed to verify phone ownership before changing the chip and similar repairs. Karachi hosts dozens of skilled and unskilled workers from other cities living in the city for work.

Recover thousands of phones :

Although many Karachi residents have welcomed the decision, city officials say they have added to their problems as they will no longer replace their old phones with new ones. However, the SOP has been launched due to the increase in street crime in the city. Rizwan Irfan says that since 2016, KEDA has helped police find thousands of cell phones worth between Rs100 and Rs12 crore.

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