PM Imran Khan criticized his special assistant on health, Dr Zafar Mirza.

The PM Imran Khan response came after the SAPM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza indicated non-serious conduct during his arrival before top court hearing the issues identified with coronavirus outbreak in the nation.

PM Imran Khan has criticized his special assistant over the wrongdoing and inability to introduce the national government’s attempts to control COVID-19 outbreak in the SC.

PM Khan said it was Dr Mirza’s duty to introduce a full report before the top court hearing with respect to the measures received to battle coronavirus.

It is relevant to make reference to here that the peak court, while hearing a suo motu case on April 13 identified with the circumstance emerging out of the coronavirus emergency, had communicated disappointment over the presentation of Dr Zafar Mirza in managing coronavirus outbreak and commanded the legislature to erase him.

Afterward, the PM paid note to the comments given by the Chief Justice of Pakistan ‘CJP’ Gulzar Ahmed and erased Dr Mirza in the federal cabinet meeting held yesterday ‘Tuesday’ over not giving acceptable responses to the top court.

PM Khan said the government has constantly praised judiciary and respected judges and no sympathy will be made over indicating untrustworthy behavior.

After to conveying the comments, the CJP got some information about continuous inquiry against Dr Zafar Mirza by the Federal Investigation Agency ‘FIA’.

To which, the attorney general instructed the court that FIA is researching him over masks issue which was sent to China with the agreement of the legislature.

The lawyer general told the court, ‘expelling Zafar Mirza from post now won’t be reasonable for the nation as it will make more problems in the middle of coronavirus outbreak.’

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Friday took first suo motu notice over ‘lacking services’ in the nation to manage the COVID-19 occurrence.

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