Foodpanda Riders go on a peaceful protest in Karachi for proper Rights!
CEO of Nauman Sikandar resigned the company. source:

Are you a keen avid Foodpanda user? If so, you may have been experiencing problems with your orders two or three days ago. In contrast, the orders were delayed for 2 to 3 hours due to the non availability of riders because Foodpanda riders are on strike against the company’s policies. The development came days after Foodpanda CEO Nauman Sikandar resigned and left the company.

Work on lower wages and reduced salary:

The Karachi Foodpanda riders organization has announced a strike from 11 – 13 March to protest against the lower wages. The Association has organized a peaceful protest demanding the rights of passengers and wage increases to combat inflation. Riders claim that Foodpanda exploits its employees by taking full services from them and paying too little.

Users of social media raise their voices against the misconduct of the food delivery company and support their position. According to the list of complaints, they have faced. Riders are not paid on time. They are dismissed if orders are canceled, Riders are paid Rs.65 for the first order, which is reduced to 32 and 19 rupees, respectively, and customers are charged a higher deliveries rate while riders do not get any cuts.

A big opportunity :

Foodpanda created a brand a few years ago, but its stories of unprofessional working conditions are not hidden. In such cases, competitors come and play – Airlift, Krave Mart, and many others. However, they are determined to make a name for themselves by providing all the necessities that Foodpanda has failed to provide for its employees. Karachi-based Krave Mart-based startup has been the talk of the town as it has been growing rapidly in suburban areas and has managed to attract investors as the company has announced pre-seed funding a $ 6 million seed grant.

More Details:

The latest strike reportedly ended last night, with management busy fixing things. In the meantime, as per riders, they have been told by management to give them 15 days to sort things out and get organized. Moreover, according to a media source, Muntaqa Peracha has taken over as acting MD. It is the first time that such a thing has been reported at Food Panda Pakistan.

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