Pakistani laborers have been going through tough times across the globe due to COVID-19.

Pakistani workers have been experiencing tough occasions over the globe because of the continuous coronavirus outbreak and Pakistan has raised the issue universally.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Prime Minister of Pakistan both have collaborated and composed letters to the Director of the International Labor Organization on the matter critical.

PM Imran Khan and SAPM Zulfi Bukhari both have displayed incredible concern for the issues being looked by Pakistani source workers and workforce and have encouraged the association to observe the enormous number of layoffs and vacations occurring over the world.

PM Imran Khan and SAPM Bukhari have requested that the association approach its member nations for an intensive review of the expanding issue.

PM Imran Khan and SAPM Bukhari likewise guided the International Labor Organization to build up a secure net for the influenced individuals to swear by in the wake of being given up off by their managers.

SAPM Zulfi Bukhari included that workforce over the globe, including Pakistan has go through a lot alongside organizations all in all due to the coronavirus occurrence.

He additionally said that the whole world is covering possibility measures against coronavirus and the association ought to declare a universal activity to help the workers of the world, he asked for a declaration on the issue at the up and coming Labor Day.

PM of Pakistan has asked SAPM Bukhari to concentrate on Pakistani workers in foreign grounds while Zulfi Bukhari paying regard to the directives has been busy and remained associated with authorities of different nations to guarantee that Pakistanis living there are not experiencing tough pressure during these troublesome occurrence.

SAPM Bukhari uncovered that he has been in talks with different nations to come up with a mechanism which guarantees free travelling and full pay rates for their difficult work.

SAPM Bukhari on the ocassion said that the legislature of Pakistan will investigate every possibility to guarantee that the privileges of Pakistani source workers are maintained and they are secured from the present flood of layoffs, firings and leaves of absence.

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