Fashion Brands Getting Most Creative with Covid-19 Face Masks
Mask production has become the bombing business during the pandemic source:

Islamabad Exclusive – Fashion Brands introducing designer Face Masks:

Local Fashion Brands and street sellers worldwide have started using their creative skills and brilliant minds to produce unique and colorful face masks to grab people’s attention. The capital of Pakistan is also included in this business. As face masks have become the fundamental requirement for everyone, why not wear matching face masks with the outfit, local Fashion brands state.

The fashion brands present a wide range of washable, softer as well s triple-layer protective face masks at their showrooms. Furthermore, the street sellers are also doing a successful business in selling various aesthetic and attractive face masks. As coronavirus is spreading rapidly, the fear of catching this virus forces them to purchase the mask. The instant rise in coronavirus cases during this third wave increases the need for face masks.

Why wearing morbid or dull Face Masks?

During the lockdown situation, many people lost their jobs, so they are looking for a suitable source of income. According to them, the making of innovative and fashionable face mask is a runway trend and a successful source of income”. Street sellers say.

According to the local fashion designers, the Surgical Face protecting masks are not reusable and can be worn once. On the contrary, the cotton masks are reliable and reusable, so it’s better to wear cotton masks rather than surgical marks. The designers also make matching face masks.  These face masks look beautiful with their ethnic outfits to boost their sales and appeal to their customers. This edition of face masks also boosts up their sales and appeal to their customers.

To Envelop:

People say that wearing face masks while going out in public has become a necessity of life without any doubt. The masks can be exciting and fun to wear. In contrast, the health professional says that the cotton masks are not much protective compared to the big respiratory face masks that provide benefits.

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