Pakistani Drama Industry Creating Unreasonable Trends
One who Controls the media could easily control the minds of the audience! source:

Pakistani drama industry is creating several television shows that reflect cringe and unreasonable contents. However, some drama stories are also worth watching but these stories are found once in a blue moon. The Pakistani Drama industry is all about portraying daily life affairs especially the Pakistani culture and lifting the normal events of a family household.

Pakistani Drama Industry

Above all, the main flaw of the drama makers of the Pakistani Drama industry is that they represent the same storyline again and again with the different characters. Moreover, the media industry is accomplishing the efficacy, predictability and control over the minds of its audience. We can say that the drama makers are exaggeratedly presenting the common household affairs to get the highest TRP.

They are successful in their goals. As our Pakistani audience is much more interested in watching this kind of drama.  Due to this reason, the drama makers don’t need to put more effort into creating new or innovative content.

Pakistani Drama Industry creates series of its popular drama to get TRP:

Recently, the third part of Khuda and Muhabbat was released on Geo TV. The same story along with the same characters gets millions of views and becomes the top trending Pakistani Drama. Like the first two seasons of Khuda Aur Muhabbat that gets the public attention and grabs millions of views. The drama makers thought of releasing the third part as they have already predicted that the third part will also get the same rating and popularity.

Kudos! They were right. Talking about the drama, it is the romanticism based story of Farhad and Mahi. In fact, this is just a fiction-based story. The character of Farhad is very spiritual as he is mad for Mahi but in reality, this is cringing content.


All in all the Pakistani Drama Industry is all about presenting idiotic and unrealistic contents and more interestingly people like their productions. In addition, the young generation follows the drama culture which leaves extremely negative impacts on their minds. As the Drama industry gained much popularity and loved by the audience, the drama makers and producers should make an effort to raise awareness among people about the current situation of the country. Besides presenting false and unethical dramas.

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