Tourism project Al-Beruni Radius will launch for the revival of Pakistan.
PM Imran launch Al –Beruni Radius in Jehlum: source:

Prime minister Imran Khan launched Al-Beruni Radius, a Tourism project for the restoration of Pakistan’s legacy, at Jhelum’s Nandana Fort. He said that maintenance of legacy and tourism places is essential to enlighten the future generation about Pakistan’s rich cultural and historical resources.

The fort holds great importance

Nandana Fort, manufactured in the eighth-century, holds historical importance. Its place in Jhelum’s Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil on a peak overlooking the salt range.

Six more historic sites near fort

Moreover, there are six more notable destinations close to the fort, including Nandana temple, Katas Raj Temple, salt mines of Khewra, Malot Fort, and Throne of Babur. These destinations will likewise turn out to be necessary for the legacy trail, and the tourists can visit these spots in one go.

PM talked about Al-Biruni

PM talked about Al-Biruni. He is officially known as Abu al-Rehan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni. He was a Persian researcher who estimated the Earth’s outline for the first time at the site. He was known for his writings and travels; he lived from 973 to 1052, turning into the Islamic world’s most unique polymath.

Tourism project brings employment to the nation

PM said the tourist project gives the most employment, and its advancement would do the same for Pakistan’s youth. He further said the tourism is made fruitful by local people and promising to build up the district and put it on the world map.

Archeologists did nothing to protect our legacy

PM said the government was doing all possible to advance tourism and produce employment openings for youth in Pakistan, which was offered plentiful natural resources, including ocean, historical destinations, high mountains, and salt ranges.

He called attention to, sadly, we didn’t create and protect our archeological sites. Adding the discovery of a 40-feet in length statute of sleeping Buddha from Haripur shows Pakistan’s rich cultural legacy.

He said our archeologists did nearly nothing, indeed, nothing, to protect our legacy. Foreigners discovered even Moenjo Dero and Harappa. The whole world starts uncovering projects, but there were none started on our soil.

A model village where the tourist project will launch helps tap more opportunities as tourists visit the area and stay here.

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