Ghabrana Nahi Hai is an upcoming Pakistani movie and the story is about female empowerment.

The story of ‘ghabrana nahi hai’ is about female strengthening. “It’s a daughter’s story, whose family ends up in a hopeless circumstance. It is at that time that the girl lets them know ‘Ghabrana nahi hai.

Jamil baig stated, the script of the story had a different title when it came to him.

He said, we’re not regarding the title as a joke. The PM utilizes these words when he’s tending to the country. I think he utilizes the words suitably.

Saqib Khan, the debuting director, explains the film summary, it spins around a girl who needs to show to her dad that she’s as commendable as any son would have been and, over the course of doing as such, the decisions made by her activate a series of irregular occasions, happenings and clashes, leading a practically crazy inter-twisting of three different layers of stories with three unique characters.

The story is a commercial, romance, comedy, drama or a masala film, with four different characters.

Zahid Ahmed is doing the role of a cop and he discussed his character and stated, I believe it’s a matter of destiny that there are two standard movies that have a cop as a leading character. In the event that it does, in some capacity, do some for the portrayal of the police, make them more human indeed, or make them significant, at that point that is another reason the role could perform.

The character Syed Jibran plays is complete opposites from Zahid Ahmed’s.

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