Minal Khan and Yasir Hussain paired up for their upcoming telefilm ‘Pyaas’.

Minal Khan and Yasir Hussain paired up for their upcoming telefilm ‘Pyaas’.
Telefilm ‘Pyaas’ featuring water crisis issue: Source: images.dawn.com

The telefilm ‘Pyaas’ is written by Imran Nazir, the story is a Sheher Productions project, the Producer is Fadia Wajahat and directed by the famous director Syed Wajahat Hussain, pyaas is another Wajahat’s amazing project that talks about on important issues of Pakistan like Pakistan’s biggest water crisis issue.

The main leads of this telefilm ‘Pyaas’ included: Pakistan’s most skilled actors Minal Khan and Yasir Hussain. The telefilm will feature the life of poor and needful women of Kohala Paien, Haripur and their difficulties. The telefilm’s cast also includes Madiha Rizvi and Adnan Shah Tipu. The telefilm is shot in Potohar around two months back and will be released in in January 2021.

Minal Khan discussed her character in the telefilm ‘Pyaas’, ‘Shameem’ is a poor and needy woman of Kohala Paien, Haripur who go through numerous miles to get water for their everyday use. She further expressed the importance of water by presenting a woman who experiences this trouble every day. We drink water every day but still don’t understand how valuable it is for someone who have to go through miles just to get water.

Moreover, Minal takes this character as a very challenging role and feels honored to be a given an opportunity of playing this character.

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