Islamabad Police Will Unveils AI Smart Cars to Combat Crime
Smart Solutions for Safer Streets: AI-Powered Cars Join Islamabad Police Fleet

Islamabad Police Boosts Enforcement with AI Smart Cars: In a significant move aimed at bolstering law enforcement capabilities, Islamabad Police is set to deploy AI-equipped smart cars to enhance their crime-fighting and traffic management efforts.

Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

The SSP Operations Safe City Project, Muhammad Shoaib, highlighted the advanced features of smart cars, emphasizing the integration of two types of cameras: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition. This technological upgrade is designed to revolutionize traditional policing methods.

Real-time Identification and Alerts

Muhammad Shoaib further explained that the AI smart cars‘ facial recognition cameras are linked to a comprehensive criminal database. This integration allows the system to identify suspects instantly during snap checks or routine patrolling, providing law enforcement with a powerful tool for swift action.

E-Challan Enforcement

The cutting-edge technology doesn’t stop at crime prevention. The AI smart cars are also equipped to detect and generate alerts for e-challan defaulters. This instant notification system enables prompt action against vehicles violating traffic rules.

Empowering Victims and Swift Response

Victims of crimes now have a streamlined process for identifying perpetrators. By providing descriptions of suspects, victims can initiate the smart car’s system to generate matching images, facilitating rapid identification and response from law enforcement.

Proactive Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The AI smart cars play a pivotal role in combating vehicle theft. SSP Operations highlighted that police units equipped with these AI-enabled vehicles are immediately alerted when a stolen vehicle’s number is entered into the system, enabling proactive measures for recovery.

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Comprehensive Training for Police Officials

Recognizing the importance of effective utilization, Islamabad police officials have undergone specialized training to maximize the potential of AI smart cars in crime prevention and traffic management. This ensures that the deployment of this advanced technology is coupled with proficient operational skills among law enforcement personnel.

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