Government announces Eid Holidays from the 10th of May to the 15th of May.
Government announces Eid Holidays from the 10th of May to the 15th of May. source:

Announcement of Eid ul Fitr Holidays by NCOC:

Eid ul Fitr is the most awaited event for Muslims across the world. They celebrate Eid on the first date of Shawaal, basically at the end of the fasting month. The main objective is to reduce the national movability of the people due to Eid shopping. Moreover, the government declares the Eid ul Fitr holidays from the 10th of May to 15th of May.

No Chand Raat Bazaars on this Eid ul Fitr:

The notification is released in which it is mentioned that Chand Raat Bazaars will be a ban from this event. Furthermore, Mehendi, ornaments or jewelry, and as well as shopping centers will be closed. The government advises people not to do the shopping for Eid ul Fitr as the covid-19 is extreme. Currently, Pakistan is facing a disastrous situation and still struggling to control the third wave of coronavirus. The country’s nerve center for Covid-related decision-making, in a statement, also announced a “stay home stay safe strategy” for flexibility control from the 8th of May to 16, which included the Eid holidays.

As the Eid celebrations are a significant yet mesmerizing event, People rejoice in meeting their loved ones, organizing dinners together, plan trips, and doing much more entertainment. Children celebrate this event even more happily. They receive money from their parents and elders after fasting for a whole month, but due to safety, the government says, “about 17,680 people lost their lives due to this virus, and about 815,711 are still infected”. The National Command and operation Center (NCOC) imposes a ban on Eid shopping for the nation’s safety.

Bottom Line:

The Eid ul Fitr is the gift from God after the fasting month. So people eagerly celebrate it. The joy of Eid is interrupted because of the coronavirus. Some areas are in a very critical state. Seeing this situation, the government took steps to control the ultimate spread of this virus. The recent report says that 708,193 people are recovered successfully, and 89,838 cases are still active. We can’t afford more losses of lives, so stay safe at your homes and celebrate Eid with your family.

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