Mazdoor Card Scheme-PTI Launched For Laborers in Punjab
PTI Launches Mazdoor Card Scheme In Punjab source:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has launched Mazdoor Card for the Punjab region, a multi-purpose card project for laborers who will receive free healthcare facilities at public and private hospitals and other benefits across the province. According to the details, about 1.2 million workers registered with Punjab State Employees Social Security Institute (PESSI) and 6.8 million dependents will benefit from Mazdoor Card. This card will also work with the Sehat Sahulat card and government funding schemes.

30 percent discount:

Beneficiaries can reportedly use the Mazdoor card as a debit card as well. In this regard, bank accounts will open for these 1.2 million workers. However, the details of debt-based usage are yet to be revealed. In addition, workers can buy products from more than 130 companies at a discount of approximately 30 percent, along with subsidies for railways, shops, and private schools.

Health facilities:

Workers can use this card as a debit card and identification code as it aims to ensure timely payment of financial benefits. In addition to withdrawing money, workers can use their cards to receive medical facilities. However, this is because it is accepted in hospitals and clinics of the Social Security Institute and participating health centers in Punjab.

Special concession:

Special discounts are available on Mazdoor cards for trains, shops, and private schools for your child’s education. Additional benefits include 30% off over 130 products.


Undoubtedly, this is a valuable initiative started by the provincial  government. Not only does it give workers access to medical facilities, but it also provides security to workers in times of domestic inflation.

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