Raaz-e Ulfat struggles to break through the boundaries and see the world beyond. The drama serial is written by Maha Malik and coordinated by Siraj Ul Haq.

The cast includes Yumna Zaida, Shehzad Sheikh, Komal Aziz, Gohar Rasheed, Arisha Razi, Tanveer Jamal Jinann Hussain, Kiran Haq, Hina Bayat, Seemi Pasha and Manzoor Qureshi.

Mushq, as Yumna Zaidi, who is obedient, innocent however has numerous dreams Dreamlike, she is goal-oriented to study further, which comes out to be a huge problem for her as she belongs to an old-fashioned family unit. Although she finally got permission to study.

Amber, as Arisha Razi, who is youthful, and always encourages her sister, Tanveer Jamal, as Mushq’s dad who is strict and Hina Bayat Khan as Mushq’s mom who is a caring mother and continually correcting her dauthgers.

The story takes a slight transform when Mushq enters the university and finds Sehba, as Komal Aziz.

Sehba is a pretty, liberal; active girl and belongs to a rich family. Mushq is a lot of impressed with Sehba and became friends with her. According to Sehba’s nature, she has male friends, drives alone and at times shows up at Mushq’s home from nowhere and clearly Mushq’s dad doesn’t like this.

She encountered Irtiza as Shehzad Sheik, when Sehba bumped her vehicle into his vehicle. Irtiza falls to Mushq due to her simplicity, after failed try to talk with Mushq outside her university, he asks Sehba, who likewise happened to be his family companion, to fix his and Mushq’s gathering.

Ismail as Gohar Rasheed, is a hopeless and helpless husband whose wife, as Kiran Haq, has determined to have Cancer. Ismail additionally has a sister Mohini as Jinnan Hussain, who is a mentally ill.

Sehba and Mushq’s fellowship is getting stronger day by day. Mushq’s interest with Sehba is taking Mushq closer to Sehba which is getting disturbing for Mushq’s family. Amber helps Mushq to remember her virtues and that she doesn’t take the benefit of her freedom her family has allowed her. Sehba and Mushq’s fellowship is undoubtedly going to make difficulties to Mushq and her life that could either lead Mushq towards give up in front of her problems and father’s choices or stand up for herself.

Raaz-e Ulfat struggles to break through the boundaries

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